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Looking for a printer driver for your brand new HP Printer? Support.hp.com/123 has all the printer drivers and software specific to your HP printer, installation guides, step-by-step instructions for printer setup, user manuals, troubleshooting instructions, videos and forums.

Install HP Printer Driver

Identify your product by entering the model name and find the specific printer driver for your model for the operating system you are using. Download it from 123.hp.com or www.hp.com/123

Find Software and Firmware

Find and download the HP software and drivers from HP Support Assistant, 123.hp.com or www.hp.com/123 or support.hp.com/drivers based on your HP printer model.

HP Printer User Manual

Find User Manuals , Reference Guides and Video Tutorials for HP Printer setup , printer software and driver installation and troubleshooting instructions for common printer issues.

Install Hardware and Software Setup for www.hp.com/123

Hardware Setup and Installation

Setting up the printer for the first time includes removing the packing material, connecting the power cords, installing the ink cartridges and loading paper in the main input tray.

1. Unbox the printer

Take the printer out of the box and remove all the packaging materials from the outside of the printer. Then lower the output tray and pull open the ink cartridge access door. Remove all the packing materials from inside the printer and close the ink cartridge door.

2. Connect Power Cord and Turn it on

The provision to attach the power cord is given at the rear end of the printer. Connect one end of the power cord in this and the other end to an electrical outlet. Now turn on the printer by pressing the power button.

3. Install the ink cartridges

Pull open the ink cartridge access door. Wait till the printer becomes idle. Now, carefully remove the ink cartridges one by one from their package, remove the plastic tape by touching only the black plastic on the ink cartridge and then insert into  the proper slot. Black ink cartridge should be inserted to the right and tri-color ink cartridge to be inserted to the left. Make sure they are snapped into proper position. Now close the ink cartridge access door.

4. Load paper into the main input tray

The main input tray can hold papers U.S letter or A4 size paper. For this, raise the input tray, slide the width guide towards the left as far as possible. Insert the stack of paper into the tray with shorter edge forward and print side facing you. Push the stack till the end of the tray. Now slide the paper width guide back to the right to define the edge of the paper. Lower the tray and pull the output tray extender out.

5. Ink cartridges alignment

This is done to achieve the best print quality. This is achieved as follows:

As soon as loading the paper is done, an alignment page is printed automatically. To align the ink cartridges, lift the scanner lid and the alignment page should be places print down on the scanner glass. Position it according to the indicated guides around the glass and close the scanner lid.  Press Start Copy Black button for black ink or Start Copy Color button for color ink on the control panel of the printer.

HP Printer Software Setup and Driver Installation

If you have an installation CD that came with the printer, the printer software will be available in the same. You can insert the CD and start the installation straightaway. However, there are chances that the software in the CD is outdated. So if you would like to install the updated version, you can go to 123.hp.com and download the latest printer driver.

Please follow the steps below to download and install the printer driver:

Go to support.hp.com. Choose the HP Printer model number. Alternatively you can also go to 123.hp.com. You will get the specific printer driver to download the printer software you require. Click the download button to download the full feature software. The full feature software includes everything you require for installing and suing your HP Printer. This has the complete set of drivers, installer and optional software.

Instructions for installing the software:
Windows XP
Internet Explorer
  • Click the download button
  • A pop-up window appears. Click on the Run button
  • Wait till the file downloads fully and extracts and Run.

Follow the instructions on screen for the extraction and installation process.

  • Click the download button
  • A pop-up window appears. Click on the Save-File button.
  • Once the download is complete, double click the file to start the installation of the software.
  • If it asks for confirmation to open an executable file, just click Ok

Now follow the instructions on screen for installation.

Windows Vista and Windows 8
Internet Explorer
  • Click the download button
  • A pop-up window appears. Click on the Run button
  • A pop-up window with User Access Control might appear. Click continue or Yes button.
  • Follow the instructions onscreen for the software installation process.
  • Click the download button
  • A pop-up window appears. Click on the Save-File button.
  • Once the download is complete, double click the file to start the installation of the software.
  • If it asks for confirmation to open an executable file, just click Ok
  • A pop-up window with User Access Control might appear. Click continue or Yes button.

Now follow the instructions on screen for installation.

123 HP Wireless Printer Setup
What is a wireless printer?

A wireless printer has an adapter that connects to a wireless network. Thus, the computers and other smart devices that are connected to the same network can access the printer. As the connection is wireless, the printer can be placed conveniently anywhere at your home.

Connecting your wireless printer

Unbox your wireless printer by following the setup instructions. Plugin the power cord and switch on the printer. Install the ink cartridges. Print the alignment page. Now connect your printer to your wireless network by choosing any of the following methods:

  1. HP Auto Wireless Connect
  2. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
  3. HP Wireless Setup Wizard for printers with display
  4. USB setup of wireless for printers without display
HP Auto Wireless Connect

HP Auto Wireless Connect technology automatically detects your wireless network and connects to it during the standard installation process.

How to:

  • Install the software for your printer
  • Choose the Connection type as “Network (Ethernet / Wireless) and choose “ Send my wireless settings to the printer”. HP Software will take care of the rest.
  • Your computer is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect only if :
  1. Your computer uses Windows Vista (or newer) OR Mac OS X 10.5 (or newer)
  2. HP Software should be able to retrieve the current network settings. For this, your computer should be connected to a wireless network and the wireless adapter should be controlled by your operating system.
  3. Your computer should be connected to your wireless network over 2.4GHz.
  4. Static IP address must not be used.
  5. Your printer should be in HP Auto Wireless Connect mode. When the printer is first powered on during installation , before it is connected to a network, it will be in this mode.

HP Auto Wireless Connect method is the recommended setup method.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS offeres two modes of connection:

  • Pushbutton method
  • PIN method
Push button method:

To use WPS Pushbutton mode, the following conditions should be met.

  1. WPS Pushbutton mode should be supported by both your printer and wireless router. Please refer to the respective manuals to make this sure.
  2. A physical WPS pushbutton should be available in the wireless router.
  3. Your wireless network must be secured by WPA or WPA2. If no security is used, most wireless routers will not connect using WPS method.
  4. Avoid using manufacturer’s default name for the network name. Else WPS router will not connect using WPS method.
Connecting your wireless printer to wireless router using WPS:
  • Start the WPS push button mode on your printer.
  • Press the WPS button on your wireless router within 2 minutes.

Click here to read more about connecting using PIN method.

HP Wireless Setup Wizard

You can find this in the printer’s control panel. This is available only for the printers with display. Requirements follows:

  1. You should know your network name and password.
  2. Go to the Network menu or touch the wireless icon and go to settings from the printer’s control panel. You will be presented with the Wireless Setup Wizard. This displays all the wireless networks in range.
  3. From this list, select your wireless network’s name.
  4. You can also manually type in your wireless network’s name, if you could not find your network name on the list. Make sure you key in the name accurately as the network name is case sensitive.

Now enter your WEP key or WPA password. Now your printer will connect to your wireless


USB setup of Wireless

If your printer does not have a display, then you can use this method to connect your printer to your wireless network while installing the printer software.

This is achieved by connecting a USB cable between your computer and printer temporarily.

  1. Follow the instructions form the software during the installation process.
  2. Connect the USB cable from the computer to your printer only when prompted by the software.
  3. The software guides you configure the wireless connection to the printer.
  4. The software is also capable of finding the wireless settings automatically.
Read more about  Installing printer software for Wireless setup using USB
Wireless Printer Setup

If you find any problem in the hardware or software setup of your HP Printer, you can contact HP remote assistance by visiting www.hp.com/123 Remote Assistance takes you to a HP support agent, who will connect your computer remotely and diagnose and fix the problem. For this purpose, you will need to download and install a software as instructed by the agent.

123 HP Setup & install

123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

Nowadays most of the HP Printers comes with wireless technology.  To connect to the network wirelessly, the printer uses some techniques which are explained below:

  1. HP Auto Wireless Connect
  2. Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  3. Wireless Setup Wizard
  4. USB setup of Wireless

Alternately, you can also connect your printer to Ethernet (wired ) connection. If you choose to connect through Ethernet, the printer’s wireless system will be disabled.

Wireless Printer setup is very useful when mobile devices are used, which makes use of wi-fi rather than a wired connection.

123 HP Mobile printing

It is  difficult to find a home with a smartphone or tablet nowadays even in a home without computers. So now most of the basic functionalities like email checking, browsing and playing games are carried out through these hand held devices. That said, printing is not an exception. Printing is also one of the basic requirement nowadays and no one is going to spend a fortune on a computer just for printing. So these mobile devices offer printing solutions themselves. Any brand of mobile device, be it Apple( iPhone &iPad)Android (Samsung Galaxy Devices, Google Nexus Devices etc),  Windows (Microsoft Surface, HP Elitepads, Windows 8+ tablets, Windows 10 mobile) Google Chrome( Chrome books & Chrome OS)  or Amazon (Fire Devices), they all come with a printing option.

123 HP ePrint Setup

Eprint is a technology specific to HP. This technology assigns an unique email address to the HP printer. So user can directly email the documents to be printed to the HP printer’s email address. For this, the printer should be ePrint enabled.  Also the printer or the MFP must be registered to HP ePrint center, which is a cloud service.  The unique email address is assigned to the printer during this registration process.

The advantage of ePrint is that you can use your own printer’s print services from anywhere in the world. Only thing is you need to have access to a network to send an email. Just select the printer, which is already configured in your mobile device, select the document to be printed, attach it to the email, type your printer’s email address and send it! It is as simple as that. All the common formats such as .doc, .jpg and .pdf are supported.

Printer Driver Installation

To make sure you are using the latest software for installation, it is always advices to download the latest printer driver software from 123.hp.com. You have to keep your printer model as well as your operating system in the computer you are using, to download the appropriate printer driver from 123.hp.com.  Also make sure that the computer you are using and the printer you are going to connect, both are in the same network.

Once the printer has been connected to the network, the printer is automatically discovered during the installation.

You can either choose to install the driver software as the full bundle or only the basic driver.

Connect your HP Printer to Mac

Instructions for adding a printer to a Mac system.

  • From the apple menu, Select System Preferences
  • Double-click on Print & Scan (Print & Fax).
  • In that window, click on the plus sign button.
  • Click on the IP tab in the Print Browser window. Set Protocol to HP Jetdirect – Socket
  • Click Add.

Now, once the printer has been added successfully, printer driver can be installed.

Printer driver software for Mac computers with mac OS such as macOS 10.12 Sierra & OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, and 10.7 Lion are available at 123.hp.com.

Turn on the printer and make sure it is connected to the network and the computer.

Type 123.hp.com and type your model number and select the operating system as Mac.

Now download the printer driver and install it.

After successful installation of the printer driver, print a sample page so as the check if the installation went on properly.


Connect your HP Printer to Windows

There is a built-in print driver available with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

This is only for printers who do not have a full features printer driver for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

If there is no full feature driver available for your printer model, you can go with the built-in printer driver. You can check for a full features driver for your printer from 123.hp.com. If available, you can download and install the same.


You can set Windows Update to automatically download the driver software.

Then connect your printer to your windows computer using USBWired or Wireless connection.

Now install the printer driver either by downloading it from 123.hp.com  or with Add a printer wizard to install the built-in printer driver.

Once the installation is successfully completed, you can either print or scan a page to test it.

Connect your HP Printer to Smartphones

For smartphones or tablets, you do not have to install a printer driver. For that purpose you can download and install an app from HP called HP ePrint, which enables you to print documents from your smart phone  or any hand held device. This app can be used if you are using in a printer connected to the local network.


If you want something from the home computer when you are away from home, HP ePrint technology is used. You have to just send an email to the uniqu email id assigned to the printer with the document that needs to be printed, attached. This document can be of any supported format such as .doc, .jpg, .pdf etc.

The HP Print Service Plugin helps printing on AndroidTM KitkatTM (v4.4) and newer without the need for additional print drivers. This app supports a large variety of HP Printer models such as HP OfficeJet, HP LaserJet, HP DesignJet, HPPhotosmart,  HP DeskJet and HP Envy.