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HP Amp 100 - 123.hp.com/amp100

HP Amp 100 is a compact and sleek printer device that has built-in Bluetooth speaker. Use the SmartApp and easily connect with your android devices to enjoy music. In addition to, you can easily manage the phone calls from your printer and charge your phone. This device is so simple and compact as it takes comparatively less space in the office desk. Furthermore, this printer device offers a reliable wireless network connection with Wireless Direct Printing, WiFi Direct and Apple AirPrint. Meanwhile, you can easily scan your files using the Smartphone’s camera and you can easily share to email or to the cloud. To summarize, 123.hp.com/amp100 is an inkjet printer device that supports WiFi Networking and Wireless Printing which is also compatible with Operating System like Windows, Mac and Linux?


HP Amp 100 UnBoxing and Setup Process - 123.hp.com/amp100

  • To start with, open the printer’s package and then you can find the basic accessories like HP ink cartridges, power cable, USB cable, User Guide and the Setup Guide.
  • After that, use the power cord and connect one end of the power cord to the printer device. Then, connect another end of the power cord to the power source.
  • Use the power button and Turn ON your printer device. Open the ink cartridge access door and wait until the carriage area moves to the center of the device.
  • Gently open the ink cartridges package and then remove the protective orange tape. Carefully place the ink cartridges on their allotted slots and give a push until you hear a snap.
  • Lift the printer’s input tray and then load stack of paper into the input tray. After that, pull out the tray extender and the device prints out an aligned page.

Bluetooth Speaker - 123.hp.com/amp100

Here, we gave instructions to connect the printer’s Bluetooth speaker with your android and apple devices.

  • To start with, locate the audio control panel buttons on your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer device. Now, press the Bluetooth button on your printer device and wait until the Bluetooth light starts to blink.
  • Now, Turn ON the Bluetooth on your mobile device and then locate the preferred Bluetooth list from the list of available devices.
  • After the connection, the printer device emits a tone and says “Device Connection” . Meanwhile, make sure that the Bluetooth light is ON and steady. 

To Manage the Phone Calls

  • Use the Printer’s audio control panel and built-in microphone to manage the phone calls. If the device receives a call, your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer just pause all the process.
  • During the call, the printer device plays the ringtone through the AMP speaker. Use the phone button on the audio control panel and handle the phone calls.
  • Press and hold the phone button for few minutes to avoid the phone call. You can mute the 123.hp.com/amp100 printer’s microphone with the play button.

Control Panel Features – 123.hp.com/setup 100

HP Amp 100 device has a control panel with buttons and lights. Then, control panel display that gives you the 123.hp.com/amp100 printer’s status information. While, the audio control panel lets you to control the phone calls and to stream audio.


Control Panel Buttons 

Power Button and Cancel Button: Use the power button to control the power connection of the printer device. Then, use the cancel button to cancel the 123.hp.com/amp100 printer’s operation.

Wireless Button 

Use the wireless button on your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer device and control the wireless capabilities.  While, the wireless light indicates the wireless network status.

Information Button – 123.hp.com/setup 100 

Gently press this button to get the printer’s Information Page. Then, press it along with the wireless, cancel or resume button to get specific information. The Light on the information page indicates that you can press it for the information.

Resume Button 

In general, this button is used to resume the printer’s job .  You can resume the halted job with the resume button; the resume light indicates that the printer is at warning or error state.

Audio Control Panel Buttons

123.hp.com/amp100 lets you to connect your mobile device with the printer device. Here, we gave information about the icons / buttons on the 123.hp.com/amp100 printer’s audio control panel.

Phone Button :

You can find the phone button on the top-left corner of the control panel. After the connection, you can answer the call just by pressing this button.

Play/pause button :  

Use this Button to play or pause the streaming audio. At the same time, you can also mute and un-mute the microphone.

Volume up Button :

The audio control panel also has the volume up button that controls and lowers the audio level. Press and Hold the Volume button to make the volume level higher.

Volume down Button :

Next, the audio control panel has the volume down button that controls and lowers the audio level. Press and Hold the Volume button to lower the volume level.

Bluetooth Button :

Furthermore, this printer device 123.hp.com/amp100 supports the Bluetooth connection. You can find the Bluetooth Button on the Printer’s Audio Control Panel. You can easily turn ON or OFF the Bluetooth with this button. Press and Hold this button for few minutes to clear the previous audio system memory.

HP Wireless Setup – 123.hp.com/setup 100

To use the wireless network, you need to install the latest printer driver and other software . If multiple computer devices share the same network then you need to install the printer software on each computer.


Installation Requirements 

  • To use the wireless network connection, your computer should be connected to the same wireless network as your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer device.
  • Then, you need an active internet access to download the printer related software and to use the web services.
  • Your Computer, Router and the Printer Device should be active state. Then, make sure that the computer is connected to the same wireless network as your printer.
  • Open the Printer’s Input Tray and load a stack of wrinkle-free A4 sheets. Now , open the ink access door and install the ink cartridges on their allotted slots.
  • During the wireless setup, place the computer closer to the printer and within the router’s range.

Printer Driver Installation- 123.hp.com/setup 100

  • Printer Driver acts as a communication tool between your device and the computer. You need to install the full featured printer driver to utilize the printer device’s functionalities.
  • At First, Unplug the USB cable from the printer device and then Visit the 123.hp.com/setup 100 Manufacturer’s page to get the latest version of printer driver.
  • Enter the Printer’s model name and then number, hit download and then run the setup.exe file on your printer device.
  • Carryout the Basic Printer Driver Installation Process. In the Connect step, choose Wireless network to establish the wireless network connection and then click continue.

Wireless Printer Setup- Mac

To establish the wireless network connection, you need to restore the factory defaults and then you need latest version of the printer driver software. In general, you need some basic things to establish the wireless network connection. Your Printer, router and computer device should be at active state. Then, computer should be connected to same wireless network as your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer device.

Restore the Wireless Settings

  • To restore the wireless settings, you need to check with the wireless light and power button. If the Power light is not bright, you need to press the power button to make the device active.
  • If the Wireless Light is not blinking, press and hold the wireless button for 3 seconds. After that, touch and hold the wireless button and the cancel button at the same time.
  • Now, the wireless light blinks that symbolize that the wireless network connection was successful.
  • After the software setup, you can easily establish the wireless network connection with the HP Auto Wireless connect feature.

Printer Driver Installation

  • Visit HP Official Website 123.hp.com/setup 100, download latest printer driver for your 123.hp.com/amp100 printer device and then open HP Easy Start.
  • Then, Click Set Up My Product to start the process. Following that, the device opens Terms and Conditions screen you need to click accept to start the process.
  • After that, click Continue on the Prepare screen. Make sure that the printer device is at active and ready state, check with the power button.
  • If the connection light is dim, press the wireless button again to restore it from the sleep mode. Following that, the printer device takes you to the connect screen where you can find the printer series with the serial number.
  • Then, click Continue to start the network configuration process. After the configuration, the connect screen displays the 123.hp.com/amp100 printer and the wireless network name SSID.
  • Click Join to add the wireless network. If the network name isn’t correct, you can manually select them from the list of available wireless networks.
  • After that, click Allow on the Keychain Request Window. Now, the device validates the wireless network information and completes the connection process.
  • Choose HP Essential Software as the Additional software and then click Install. Now, click Continue and then use on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • In the end, click Print Test Page to confirm that the process has been completed successfully.

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