HP OfficeJet 252 Printer

HP Officejet 252 Printer serves as the All-in -one-inkjet printer with the features  like Automatic Duplexer, automatic document feeder and air Print setup.  This Printer facilitates  copy, scan and Fax using the automatic document  feeder. You can use either USB cable or wireless network connection to  connect your  HP Officejet Printer  with  your computer. You can login to 123.hp.com/oj252  to make  download of the HP Printer driver setup and software and install to enjoy the of HP  Printer’s features  


Officejet 252  Printer provides you colored  Touch screen which enables the use of all the Workables of the  Printer and the controllability over the Printer’s job. This Printer is User friendly as it supports the  latest web Printing Technology.  The automatic Duplexer enables automatic two sided  Printing in lesser time.

HP 252 Officejet Printer setup

The HP252 Officejet Printer setup procedure  is quite easy and takes only less time. Open the Printer package and take out the HP OfficeJet 252 printer. Detach all other package materials such as tape, stickers and other printing materials.

  • Then open the ink cartridge access door and remove all other unwanted package materials inside the door.    
  • Now take out  the paper tray towards you by opening the input tray  and clean all other packaged materials inside the door. Then push back the paper tray.  
  • Take the Power cord and fix one end of the  power  cord to the power supply or electrical plug point.  Fix the other end of the power cord to the back end of the Printer.

Initial set up in Printer : Switch ON your HP Officejet  printer and make  the Printer preferences  on the control panel of the Printer. Choose your preferred  language, date ,time and country  on the Printer’s control panel. Click Yes to make sure of the options that you have made.

Initialize Ink cartridge: Now  opening  the input tray door,  pull out the paper tray towards you.

  • Adjust the A4 size paper width guide to the outermost position with Print side facing downward direction.
  • Disclose(open) the ink cartridge access door and take out the ink cartridges from its package. Use the ink cartridge that came in your Printer package.
  • Detach the black plastic of  the ink cartridge carefully. While doing so , make sure that you do not touch the copper colored contacts or the ink nozzles. You should not replace the protective tapes of the contacts. Because this may result in Ink jam and misplaced electrical wire connections.
  • Insert the ink cartridges in the specified slots by opening the cartridge slot. After you place the ink cartridges in the specified positions close the ink cartridge door .  

Ink Cartridge Alignment : Open the scanner lid and make the scanner lid to be placed  print side down in the  scanner glass.

  • For the above process, use the guidance engraved on  the engraved glass . This completes the Ink alignment process.
  • Now close the scanner and click OK in control panel of  your HP Officejet Printer.

Login to 123.hp.com/setup 252  to get the latest  version of driver software for your HP Officejet printer .  

Wireless setup for HP Officejet 252

For availing the wireless setup for HP Officejet Printer ,  you need to have a SSID and the  network password . Switch ON your printer and your computer and check that your computer and your Printer are connected to the same network before starting the process.

Note: Do not use the Ethernet cable or USB cable during this printer setup.

Turn ON the Printer power status to enable usage of Broadband  internet access. Download the updated  version 123.hp.com/oj252 of the Printer software of HP officejet Printer. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions for installing  the software.

  • Click the right arrow key and touch setup menu. In that choose Network and then select Wireless Network Wizard. It shows the list of wireless networks available.
  • Choose your network and type the network password.  Then click Done and OK for approving the settings. select Ok to print the wireless statement.

You can make your work done by using the Print, scan and Fax options on the Printer’s control panel.

HP Officejet 252 printer to Mac connection

Be sure that you have the device Of Mac 10.6 or latest version. This  HP officejet Printer connection to Mac  could be wired or wireless. On the control panel of your Officejet Printer choose settings and select wireless icon.  From the wireless settings, select the wireless setup wizard  network and choose your preferred network. You can  choose your network if you are connected already. Else if you connect to a new network , then add your network from list of network and enter the password. Now check that your connection is approved and you are successfully connected. Once the connection is successful, your HP Printer is ready to print network report page.

HP Officejet 252 printer to Mac OS X connection

Locate the Apple menu on the top left side of the normal Mac OS. In Mac OS X,  an apple symbol will be there on the left side of Lion menu, which is the Apple menu. Click that apple menu and choose the system preferences.  Then choose print and fax from the Hardware selection. Select (+) icon on the left pan and click add your printer. This will add your Printer and choose continue to start the  installing process. To check the connection is successful, make a test  Print. If the connection was successful, the Officejet 252 Printer will print a test page.

Wireless setup for HP Officejet 252 Printer

When you connect make the Printer setup, do not use the USB cable  and the Ethernet cable for wireless connection setup.  Similar to other connection setup  check that you have SSID and a network password. You should switch ON the Printer and the computer and ensure that both the  computer and the Printer are connected to the same Wireless  Network. Check that Printer Power status is ON to make use of the broadband internet access . Login to 123.hp.com/setup 252 to download the updated version of  the Officejet 252 Printer software.

Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to install the Printer software. On the Printer’s control panel, choose the wireless icon from the settings icon. This wireless icon is used to  connect your Printer to the wireless network. You can make use of the control panel of the Printer to perform the print, scan and fax jobs.

Windows Setup for HP Officejet 252 printer

To complete the window setup process it is mandatory to enable the wired or wireless network connection. Normally the HP officejet printer series are adaptable  with the Windows XP and  the latest version of the operating systems. Once check that your device  supports the  HP Officejet Printer series.

Software and Driver download of HP Officejet printer

The driver Software for any Printer is an important requirement which allows the  communication of the Printer and the software and with the other devices for the printing purpose. You can download the  driver software using  the CD that came with your Printer and install it . Else to get  the updated version of the Printer driver software , visit the 123.hp.com/oj252, download and  install it.

Note: If the Printer software and  driver are not installed properly,  then Printer malfunction may occur.

You can visit the HP website for latest HP officejet 252 printer driver software , type your Printer model number and click the search button. Select your printer from list of Printers. This will show all the details about the printer models and remedies for all the problems.

When you type the Printer model number, the Driver Product Installation Software  page appears which shows the Driver version, release date and other details.

The software download process can be classified to four types  namely basic driver, firmware for regular updates, Software e-Print and  Utility Diagnostic tool. If you are a new user , use the HP support Assistant  to locate the Pre-installed app and  automatic system updates. To get the suitable and  latest Printer Driver software for your Printer login to support.hp.com or to  123.hp.com/setup 252. Proceed with on-screen instructions for successfully installing the driver software.

Other features Of HP Officejet 252 Printer

This HP Officejet 252 Printer is Energy Star Qualified. It is designed to use reduced  consumption of energy  and Power.  It can produce Black and white  or colored Printouts. The input tray can hold up to 60 plain sheets(16 to 24 lb bond) and the output tray can hold up to 25 sheets(16 to 24 lb bond) . The automatic document feeder enabling Duplex Printing has  the capacity  of 35 sheets of 16 to 24 lb bond. It uses the digital image Processing method for the copying process. To know more about driver installation and software of this Printer login to  123.hp.com/oj252.   


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