• Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • print speed Upto 22 ppm black and upto 18 colour
  • Energy saving printer and Duplex Printing
  • Fast two-sided printing at up to 12ppm, legal-size flatbed, mobile printing
  • Compatiable with windows and mac OS

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printers - Wireless Printer Setup (Windows)

HP Wireless Direct lets you to  print wireless  from smartphone, tablet, computer or other wireless enabled devices. Visit  123.hp.com/ojp8710 and download the latest version of the printer driver.

  • At First,  make sure you know the network name(SSID) and Network passowrd(WEP Key or WPA Security Passphrase).

  • Now, Turn on your router, printer and the computer and the computer must be connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Turn on the printer and Place it close to the computer and within range of the router during the setup process.

  • After that, Remove any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer

    1.  Now, use the control panel options and set the basic preferences like language, country  or region, and touch confirm. 
    2. After that, Press the wireless icon on the printers control panel and then the setup icon
    3.  Choose wireless setting and then touch wireless setup wizard.

    4. Check the name of your network in the list of available network, and then touch Ok.   While, you can manually add the wireless network with the  Enter New network Name option. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and enter your Network name.
    5.  If Prompted,mention  the WEP pr WPA Key(Network Password), and then touch Done.

    6. Touch OK To return to the home screen.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printers - Network driver Setup (Windows)

 Click 123.hp.com/ojp8710 to get latest version of the printer driver software. If the installer is Not detecting your printer after selecting the connection type, the following errors might display

  1. Printer Not found
  2. Unable to find the printer
  3. No device found
  4. Your Printer could not be found on your wireless network

Restart the compuetr, printer, and router to resolve any error message displays during the printer setup

  • Disconnect the power cord from the router.

  • Turn off the printer.and close all running programs on your computer, including the HP software installation window, then shut down the computer.

  • Reconnect the power cord to the router, then wait for the Internet activity light to display a normal connected status.
  • Turn on the printer and the computer as well.

  • Try installing the HP driver and software again.

Check the network and printer connection status

Manually connect the printer to your network

Make sure the Network is working properly and printer is ready to connect with the network setup

Wireless Network Connection: On the printer display, open the wireless network or settings menu to make sure the wireless singnal is turned on. Make sure the the light next to wireless icon is either on and steady, or blinking.

Wired Network Connection: Check that the cable is connected to the printer ethernet port and available port on the router. The green link light must be steady, and the orange activity light should blink when the cable is connected.



HP Print and Scan doctor to diagnose and resolve printing and scaning issues. you can download the HP scan doctor software from 123.hp.com

Run the HP print and scan doctor software

If your printer is not shown, make sure the printer is turned on and connected, click my product is not list, and the click retry.

select your printer, ansd then click next.