Fax Setup

Faxing may be an out-dated option after the evolution of leading-edge technologies, but still it has a place in the industry that no other technology could fill. It is important to know about sending a fax when you are using HP Printer. Most of the HP printers are compatible with fax.

 Know about the Fax setup and how it is sent to the particular printer. A fax can be sent to a printer in many ways. Some of them are given below. Study the below given information and get a better perspective about sending a fax to your printer.


Sending Fax

You can send a standard fax that is a normal fax using the printer’s control panel which is a basic functionality of the printer. Some of the other ways in which you can send fax comprises of fax from computer, fax from phone, fax using monitor dialing and fax from memory. You can also send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time.

Error correction mode is another way in which you can send fax. Follow the instructions given here. Click Setup from the control panel settings. Click Fax Setup and click preferences. Click Error Correction Mode and touch to turn the feature on or off.

Receiving fax

A fax can be sent to a printer in many numbers of ways, but it has to be received manually. Follow the instructions given below.

  1. Check whether the printer is turned on and paper is loaded in the main tray
  2. All the originals should be detached from the paper tray
  3. Set the Rings to answer setting to a high number to let you to respond the incoming call before the printer answers. Or, turn off the Auto Answer setting so that the printer does not automatically answer incoming calls.
  4. Instruct the sender to press Start on their fax machine. If you are presently on the phone with the sender.
  5. Click Fax in the control panel. Click Send and Receive. Click Receive Now. The phone line will be silent during fax transmission

Back up your fax

Easily back up your fax by following the instructions given below.

  1. Click Setup from the control panel display, Fax Setup, Preferences, Backup Fax Reception.
  2. Read the settings given underneath and choose the one which suits you.
  • Choose ON to save all the faxes received by printer in memory. If you select Back Up fax to be on, it will help you to reprint up to 30 faxes that you printed in recent time.
  • Choose On Error Only to save the faxes that contains errors and it also prevents the printer from printing the faxes with error. After you remove the error from the fax, it gets automatically deleted after printing.
  • Choose Off , In this case, the faxes are not at all saved. When there is an error condition the printer stops answering incoming calls