123 HP Deskjet 2542 printer install

Deskjet Printer Install and Setup:

Drag your printer from its package and get your power cords ready to fix it to your printer. Fix your power cord to the rear of your printer. Connect the other end of the power cord to the external power source. Once the connection process is over. Power up your printer setup. Press and Hold the Home button to Turn ON your hp deskjet 2542 printer setup. The HP printer driver can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/dj2542


How To Fix Your Printer?

  • You could find the home screen on your printer.
  • By using the arrow keys on your control panel, enter the credentials.
  • Credentials are required to initialize your printer.
  • Then insert your printer cartridges.
  • Open the ink cartridge door using the the cutouts on the sides of your printer.
  • Now install the ink cartridges according to the respective colors.
  • Once you install, close the access doors.
  • Load stack of paper in the input tray, Print an alignment page.
  • Once your alignment page is printed scan it by placing the document on your scanner glass.
  • Now scan the document, while you do so a message box appears with “alignment successful” message pops up.
  • Until you complete all these initializations the printer, make sure you dont connect your printer to a wireless network.

This is how you need to do the basic initialization. Once you have finished you can install the printer setup to your computer or any of your personal devices. To install the software you can download the file from 123.hp.com/setup. Now install the setup to your device. You can also make use of the CD Disc, insert the disc and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.