123 HP Envy 5545 Ink Cartridge

Installing Ink Cartridge On HP Envy 5545:

Initially when your HP Envy 5545 printer is installed for the first time, you need to notice the following things to be done. Install the access doors and delivery door. The stack trays, power cord and so on. Among these you will have install the major component of your printer, it is the ink cartridge.

Ink cartridges are available in both black and color. It is the only component that is spread on the sheets as an output of what you take to the printer setup. Only when you install your ink cartridge to your printer you can proceed further. Also make sure that you know how to replace the cartridge. The HP printer driver can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/envy5545


Replacing ink cartridges:

To know how to replace your ink cartridge, you can use your printer’s guide. The need to replace a ink cartriddge is when the ink levels of the current ink cartridge becomes low. In case if you are signed in for HP’s instant ink cartridge, HP store delivers you the cartridge when your printer runs out of ink.


How to replace the ink cartridge on HP setup 5545:

  • Make sure that your HP Envy Setup is switched ON.
  • Open the main access door along with the cartridge access door.
  • Wait until the cartridge settles to the center of the printer.
  • Now open the carriage and lift the cartridge.
  • Remove the new cartridge from the packing.
  • You must know how to hold your cartridge, Hold the cartridge by the side.
  • Remove the protective tape from the cartridge.
  • Place the cartridge in the carriage and push it until it snaps the edge.
  • Close all the covers of the cartridge and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

you can visit 123.hp.com/setup 5545 to know step-by-step process to connect your printer.