123 HP Officejet 4000 ePrint Setup

123 HP Officejet Printer – ePrint Service:

One of the most interesting facts about latest HP Officejet 4000 Printers is the ePrint service. ePrint service is nothing but sharing a print job using active email service. For this you will need a active internet connection. You can install the setup and make use of this function. Get latest version of the HP printer driver software  from 123.hp.com/oj4000.

Benefits of ePrint Service:

  • HP ePrint is an approachable Feature,you can directly send the request to the printer’s email address.  The ePrint service can be used to print documents from anywhere.
  • There is no need of direct access over your printer.
  • Save time and energy to print documents.
  • Additionally, HP ePrint does not need any  external source of installation.
  • Ease of access over your printer.

The above mentioned benefits are the real outcome of the service rendered. One can opt or avail this service in order to get beneficial outcome of HP Officejet Setup. Other than the setup features the ePrint can also provide you ease of printing any kind of document. That is you can even print images through this service.


Using ePrint service can help you in lot more ways. Hence to use this service all you need to do is,

How to use ePrint service?

  • First, get the printer’s email address to send the print request. 
  • To know your printer’s unique address, use the utility tab.
  • Click the utility tab and select “Display Printer’s address”.
  • Now compose an email.
  • Enter the recipient tab with your printer’s unique address.
  • Then attach the document that you want to print.
  • Now hit the “SEND MAIL” button to print the document.

On receiving the mail the printer starts to print the document. By this way you are suppose to print your document from anywhere. There is no limited restriction to use this service. You can just hit a mail along with the print job attachment to get your print job printed.