123 HP Officejet 4300 Ink Cartridge


Installing Ink Cartridge on HP Officejet Setup

The first and foremost thing that is to be done on your HP Officejet 4300 printer, once you install the setup is the ink cartridge installation. The ink is the only component that could frame the exact output of what you input through your personal device. The HP printer driver can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/oj4300

Users always expect the best to be viewed; hence they try to prefer the best ink cartridge that you could print their exact imaginations. Now let us see how to install the ink cartridge.

Equipping HP Officejet with Ink Cartridge:

  • To install your ink cartridge to your HP Officejet setup,
  • Remove your ink cartridges from its packing.
  • Open the main access door of your printer.
  • Then open the cartridge access door of your printer.
  • Wait until the carriage gets positioned and rests to the center.
  • Make sure that you hold the cartridges by its sides and lifted up.
  • Place the cartridge in the carriage and push it until it snaps to the edge.
  • Also install the other cartridge in its place the same way.
  • Now close the access doors and wait until the cartridges align to its position.
  • Restart your printer.
  • Print a test page to know the quality of printing.
Lift the Handle and Pull
Protective Cover
Remove All covers
Protective Cover

Once you have installed your ink cartridge, your printer is all set to print documents. At the same time using HP’s Instant Ink cartridges can save more on ink. The installation of this cartridge can also preserve your printer from running out of ink. As this installation is done by registering your printer to the local HP store, so that whenever your printer runs out of ink the store is intimated through a mail.

Hence your printer’s HP Instant Ink Cartridges will be delivered before your printer could run out of ink. You can also prevent your printer from getting exhausted due to ink cartridge issues.