123 HP Officejet 7720 Scanner Settings

123 HP Officejet Scanner Settings:

Performing functions on your HP Officejet 7720 printer through setup & support features is quite interesting. Meanwhile, get more information about the unique features of your printer model. One among them is the scanner settings. Once after installing the printer and its setup to any of your personal devices you can do the following.

There are different scanning methods and process that can help you to scan your document in a simplest way. Let us see some of them. Find Out More about the HP printer driver from 123.hp.com/oj7720.


Scanning through scanner glass:

  • First, get the document or image that you want to scan and place it on the scanner lid.
  • Use the Scanner- supportive mark on the upper right corner of the scanner lid and place the document or image.
  • Then, close the upper lid.
  • Use the printer’s control panel or the display and hit the scan button.
  • During that, use the panel options and make preferences before starting the scanning process.
  • Finally, hit the “START SCAN” to start the scanning process.

Automatic Document Feeder option:

  • To start with, Install the Automatic Document Feeder Tray to your printer.
  • Then, Place the document in the document feeder tray.
  • Meanwhile, Make sure that you place the print side down on your feeder and wait until the feeder detects the document.
  • After a while, the printer device displays a document detected message.
  • Adjust the paper guides firmly to the edges of the document.
  • On the scan option make your preferences.
  • Finally, hit the scan button.

This method of performing scan option is done in case of scanning multiple documents. Automatic document feeder can help you to scan any number of documents instantly. Use the basic printer options and simplify the scanning process. To Clarify, you can easily scan the single sided or double sided documents and save it on your personal device.

Scanning to direct network folder on windows:

To directly scan documents to network folder on your windows computer,

  • Search for printer model name on your windows system.
  • Double click scan to network folder wizard.
  • When the setup network profile window is displayed,
  • Click the NEW option to create a network path.
  • Click Browse to select the path.
  • Enter the folder name in the tab that is displayed in the control panel.
  • Enter the windows user name and password for security check.
  • Click Save and Test option to complete configuration.