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HP DeskJet 3700

A simple printer device that serves wireless printing, it enables to easily print from your smartphones and tablets. This All-in-One printer device www.hp.com/support/dj3700 is an ideal choice for home and office users. Moreover, the input tray can take up to 60 sheets and the output tray can hold 25 sheets. HP DeskJet 3700 aims to deliver everyday printing need; this compact printer device can fit into any place. User-friendly control panel makes it easy to manage your printer device. Use genuine HP ink cartridges to achieve better quality printing. It involves easy setup process and delivers better quality output.  To sum up, this inclusive printer device has easy setup process and delivers high quality output.


HP DeskJet 3700- UnPacking Process

  • At first, open the printer package and take out the basic setup accessories and other reference materials.
  • Set aside those packing materials, get www.hp.com/support/setup 3700 manufacturer’s support and recycle those materials.
  • Now, grab out the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device from the package and peel off the stickers and other tape materials.
  • After that, open the ink access door and take out the tape and other packing materials.

HP DeskJet 3700 - Setup Process

  • To begin with, grab the power cord. Plug one end of the power cord to the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device and the other end to your device.
  • Press the power button and Turn ON your printer device. Now, lower the output tray and open the ink cartridge access door
  • Following that, insert the ink cartridges in their allotted slots. After a while, your device automatically recognizes that you have installed genuine ink cartridges.
  • Slide out the paper width guide to the outermost position. Now, stack a load of paper into the input tray and slide the paper width guide without bending it.
  • Instantly, your printer device prints out an alignment page. Take out the alignment page and place it on the scanner bed.
  • This alignment and scanning process help you to determine the printer’s quality. For more instructions, visit www.hp.com/support/setup 3700.

Printer Driver Installation using CD- www.hp.com/support/setup 3700

  • To start with, load the software installation CD into the drive and run the setup.exe file. In general, your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 device automatically detects and run the setup.exe file.
  • On the Other Hand, you can also manually open by browsing them in your device. Then, click Yes in the User Account Window.
  • The Printer Driver Installation takes 3 steps. First, the prepare step involves basic printer setup process.
  • Then, the connect step lists software that are going to be installed. Use the customize software selection option to choose the preferred software.
  • Now, select the “I have reviewed installation agreements and settings” check box and click next. Get Regular Driver Updates from www.hp.com/support/setup 3700.
  • Finally, the activate step, it requires an active internet connection.Choose your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer’s primary usage and the postal code.

HP DeskJet- To Print Documents


  • First, make sure that you have loaded enough sheets in the input tray. Slide out the output tray. Now, open the document and choose print.
  • Choose your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device from the list and open the properties dialog box. These properties option differ based on the software application.
  • Set your basic printing preferences on the printing shortcuts tab and click OK to confirm the settings.


  • Select the Document or image that you want to print, choose print under the file menu. Then, choose your printer device from the list.
  • After this, set the basic settings like paper size, orientation and the scaling percentage. Finally, click OK to confirm the settings.

Printing On Both Sides- Windows 

  • First, Open the printer software and choose print. It lists you www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device, choose your preferred device.
  • After that, choose two-sided printing shortcut under the printing shortcuts tab. Use the On-Screen instructions to reload your paper.
  • Then, Click OK to start the printing process. For more information, visit www.hp.com/support/setup 3700.

Printing On Both Sides- Mac

  • First, open your printer software and choose print under the file menu. Under the print dialog, choose paper-handling and set the page order as Normal.
  • Then, set your pages to print to Odd Only and click Print. Following this, your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device prints out an odd-numbered page.
  • Now, Reload all the odd-numbered pages with the print side down. Next, set the paper order as Normal and select “Print to Even Only” and click Print.

HP ePrint- www.hp.com/support/dj3700

HP ePrint is a cloud-based feature that lets you to print Document or email by sending them as e-mail to your printer device. ePrint Process just requires active internet connection and email address of your printer device.

To get Printer’s Email Address- Android Devices

  • First, make sure that www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer and the android device share same wireless network. Then, Download HP Smart App on your android device.
  • Open your HP Smart App, tap the printer icon or the plus sign. Then, choose Advanced settings and tap Web services.
  • Use the on-Screen Instructions and enable the HP Web Services. Finally, Tap Print Info to get the Information Page of your Printer Device.


  • To Begin with, Get HP Customer Support and Print Configuration Page or Self-Test Page. This Self-Test Page helps you to find your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer’s IP address.
  • After that, Open preferred Web Browser on your Computer and enter your Printer’s IP address in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • If the browser displays Web Security Certificate, click continue to get EWS information. Now, choose Web Services tab on the EWS webpage.
  • Now, click printer Info Page under the Web Service Settings and continue the process. You can find the HP ePrint address on the print Info Page.
  • Then, if your Print Info Page does not have www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer’s email address waits for while and try printing again.

Printing with HP ePrint

  • To start with, log in to your email and enter your printer’s email address in the TO field. Then, Enter appropriate Title in the Subject Field.
  • After this, attach the document or file that you want to print and hit send. Make the ePrint Process easy with www.hp.com/support/setup 3700 support.

Troubleshooting Instructions

Paper Jam issue 

  • First, check with the input tray and take out the loose and jammed papers. After that, use the flashlight and check for torn pieces and other objects.
  • Additionally, if you press the Cancel button then it automatically cancels the print jam.
  • Second, check with the output tray and take out the loose and jammed paper. Use the flashlight and check for torn pieces.
  • At the End, check with the Ink Cartridge area. Open the Ink Access door and wait until the carriage door gets idle and silent.
  • Turn Off your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device and unplug the power cord. Use the flashlight and check for foreign objects and jammed paper.
  • Use your hands and gently pull out the paper. Now, move the carriage to the center of the printer and take out the blocking paper and other foreign objects.
  • Close the ink cartridge door and reconnect the power cord. 

To Avoid Paper Jam 

  • Don’t Overload the Paper Input Tray and avoid Leaving Printed Copies in the Output tray.
  • Then, Load Wrinkle-free paper that are not bent or Torn. Likewise, Try Using the Paper of Same Type and Size to avoid Paper type size issue.
  • Don’t Push the Input Width guide as it may bend the paper in the input tray. Beside that, don’t load paper during the printing process. Wait Until you get message to Load paper.

Print Quality- www.hp.com/support/setup 3700

To Resolve General Printer Issues First, make sure that the input tray is stocked and check with the power flow of the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device.


  • If you are using USB Connection, try Reconnecting the USB Cable. Likewise, reset the wireless connection to check the connectivity.
  • Now, check whether your printer is Offline or Pause. For this, open Devices and Printers and locate your www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer device.
  • Right-click on your printer device and then choose “See what’s Printing?” and open the printer’s Queue.
  • Now, make sure that there are no check marks next to Pause and Offline Job. After making the required changes, try to print again.
  • Following that, try to check your default printer device. Open the Printers and Devices in your Windows and check with the default printer device.
  • To set preferred device, locate your printer Device and right-click and set it as Default Printer Device. Try to Print again.
  • Finally, try clearing the printer queue. To start with the Windows Menu, click Control Panel and then click Printers.
  • Locate your printer device from the list, right-click and open the printer queue. After that, choose Cancel all Documents or Purge Print Document and select Yes to Confirm the Process.
  • However, if there are still printing jobs you can restart your computer device to clear the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer queue.


  • First, check for error messages and unplug the USB cable. Make sure that your printer device is not pause or offline.
  • From the system preferences, click Printers and Scanners and then open the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 printer queue. In general, there are four options to manage the print jobs.
  • Use the Delete and Pause Option to cancel and hold the selected print job. The Resume option helps you to continue the job.
  • Finally, the pause printer option lets you to pause all the print jobs. After making the preferred changes, try to print again.
  • If the issue is still isn’t resolved get support from the www.hp.com/support/setup 3700 manufacturer.


This site provides instructions to solve the printer related issues. Make the setup and Driver Installation process with these instructions. We are third-party service providers; these images and information are owned by the manufacturer. It is recommended to review our privacy policy, get warranty and guarantee information from the www.hp.com/support/dj3700 manufacturer.