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HP Envy Photo 5055

HP Envy Photo 5055 is an All-in-One Printer that has variety of connectivity options. While, this printer device delivers high-quality output at comparatively higher speed. This Printer Device is a perfect choice for the users who need to do photo printing frequently.  Additionally, HP Instant Ink program lets you to easily handle the cartridge replacement process.  Regarding Physical appearance, HP Envy Photo 5055 is a matte device with glossy-black highlights and weighs about 17 pounds. Then, it has 3.5- inch touch screen display with single button to control the power connection. Further, this device supports duplex printing with the auto-duplexer it eases the process of handling multipage documents. It also lets you to easily connect with the secondary storage like USB thumb drive or SD memory card. In short, HP Envy 5055 delivers satisfactory results on the photo printing and handles multi-page documents with ADF. Get Regular Printer Driver Update from www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055.





HP Envy Photo 5055 - Unboxing and Setup Process

  • First, open the printer package and you can find the basic setup accessories on the top of the device. Package comes with ink cartridges, power cable, phone cable (Fax Connection) and reference materials like setup & user guide.
  • Now, Connect one end of the power cord to the printer device and the other end to the power source. Use the power cable that came along with the device for the power connection. Visit www.hp.com/support/setup 5055 to get information about the HP Print and Scan.
  • After that, use the power button and Turn ON your printer device. After a while, the device prompts you to set the basic preferences like language, Country/Region and Time.
  • Click OK to save the preferred changes. In the Meantime, the device alerts to place the ink cartridges. Click www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 to get troubleshooting instructions.
  • Unwrap the Tri-Color and Black Cartridge that came with the printer package. Gently place them in the allotted slots.
  • Use the Color icon on the Ink Cartridge and carefully place them. Close the Cartridge access door and the device displays “Thank you installing genuine Ink Cartridge” message.
  • Slide Out the Paper Input tray and load a stack of unused paper. Use the Paper-width guide to align the paper. Complete the Product Registration with www.hp.com/support/setup 5055 support.
  • Now, pull the photo tray, place the photo paper and slide it in. After that, your device automatically slides out the output tray.

Printer Driver Installation - www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

  • Here, we gave simple guidelines to install the HP Printer using a USB Connection and a basic driver. If there is a USB Connection, disconnect the USB Cable before starting the process.
  • During the Installation, the device prompts you to establish the USB Connection.
  • Visit HP Manufacturer’s site www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 and get latest version of printer driver software. Run the setup.exe in your device, extract the files that are needed to work with the printer device.
  • Device displays the User Account Control Window, Click Yes in the User Control Window to start the driver installation.
  • In General, Driver Installation Process is of 3 steps- prepare, connect and activate. First, the Prepare step involves basic printer setup process.
  • Then, the connect step lets you to choose the connection type and displays the installation agreement and Settings.
  • Now, the printer software installs the basic software needed to work with the printer device. Visit www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 to get latest updates.
  • After the installation, the software asks you to pick the connection type. Automatic Setup lets the software to automatically detect the device and complete the connection.
  • But the manual setup option lets you to establish the connection in your way. Driver generally gives three connection options like USB, Wired and Wireless Connection.
  • Here, click Manual Setup and then click next. In the Connecting Options Window, choose USB and then click next. Then, HP Diagnostic tools
  • Now, the device prompts you to plug the USB Cable. Meanwhile, make sure that the device is at on and active state and there no protective cover on the USB port.
  • After that, you can “The Software is installed and your device is connected” message. Finally, click Next to complete the Software installation process.
printer driver installation

Components of Control Panel - www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

  • HP Envy Photo 5055 has simple control panel buttons and icons. Additionally, HP designed this printer device with touchscreen so you can easily control the printer device.
  • Buttons and Controls
  • Power Button: A Basic Button that lets you to maintain the power connection of the printer device
  • Back Button: Near to the Touchscreen, the back button just takes you to the previous page. Simplify the startup and installation process with www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 support.
  • Help Button: You can find the Help Button under the Back button, use the Help Button to get clarification for printer related queries.
  • Home Button: Finally, the Home Button it just takes you back to the Printer’s Home Screen.
  • Wireless Light: You can find the Wireless Status Light on the right side of the control panel display. It Lets you to know the wireless connection status. If the Wireless Status is solid and blue, it means that the connection is steady. While, if the wireless connection is inactive the light gets Off and the wireless summary displays “Wireless Off” message.

Control Panel Menu - www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

  • Use the Control Panel Menu to carry out the basic printer functions like print, fax and scan.
  • You can find printer related shortcuts and functions on the control panel menu. First, the setup (gear-like) icon lets you to change the preferences of the network setup, Fax Setup and WiFi Direct.
  • Second, the wireless icon gives you information about the wireless connection status. While, the wireless test report helps you to diagnose the network connection issue.
  • Then, HP ePrint icon and WiFi Direct icon offers details about the ePrint and WiFi Direct status. Get Information about the USB Connection and Scan setup from www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055.
  • Moreover, you can get the estimated ink level from the ink icon and fax status information from the fax icon.
  • Use the Eco icon to configure the environmental features and the copy icon to change the copy settings.
  • Get the Scan and print related options from the scan and Print icon. It eases the process of changing the preferred settings. Under the Apps menu you can find the list of downloaded apps.

Wireless Setup - www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

To establish the Wireless connection, connect the printer device to the same wireless network as your computer. Get Latest Printer Driver from the manufacturer’s site www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 and then select Wireless as the connection type.

Requirements – www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

  • To establish wireless network connection, you need network name (SSID) and password (WEP or WPA key).
  • Your Computer should be connected to the same wireless network as your printer device.

Wireless Network Connection - www.hp.com/support/setup 5055

  • To establish wireless network connection, tap the wireless icon on your printer device and then click the setup icon.
  • Under the listed options choose the network setup. Choose Wireless Settings and then click Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now, your Wireless Setup Wizard gives you list of available wireless networks. Choose the Preferred wireless network from the list of available networks.
  • While, you can manually add your wireless network with the “Enter New Network Name” option. Use the On-Screen instructions and add your wireless network.
  • If prompted, enter the wireless network password and touch Done. In the End, It gives wireless network connection summary.

Printer Driver Installation - www.hp.com/support/setup 5055

  • First, Turn ON your printer and computer device. Unplug the USB cable if you are going to establish wireless network connection.
  • Go to HP Manufacturer’s site www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 and get updated driver software. Enter your printer’s model in the respective field and click Begin.
  • Double-click the HP Easy Start File, use the on-screen instructions to complete the printer connection process.
  • Then, the Install screen gives you the list of available software. From the list, choose HP Easy Scan and start the software installation process.
  • On the Add and Verify Windows, you can find Add Device option to add the preferred printer device.
  • Use the Print Test Page or Scan Test Page Option to check the printer’s functionality.
  • Use the On-Screen instructions to complete the www.hp.com/support/setup 5055 driver installation process. 

To Change Network Password - www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055

  • Tap Wireless icon on your printer device and then tap the Setup icon. Under the setup menu you can find a list of printer related functions.
  • Select Network Setup and then tap Wireless Settings. After that, tap wireless setup wizard to get list of available networks.
  • Choose the preferred wireless network and then tap OK. While, you can manually add your printer device with the “Enter New Network Name” option.
  • During this process, the software might prompt you to enter the wireless network password. WEP or WPS key.
  • After entering the details, device gives you a summary of wireless network connection. Here, you can check the wireless network name and other information.
  • Finally, click OK to confirm and complete the connection process.


This site provides instructions about the Driver Installation and the Setup process. Images and Information gives details about the Troubleshooting Process. Visit www.hp.com/support/envyphoto5055 to get information about the privacy policy. We don’t share any specific tie-up or link with the manufacturer HP.