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HP OfficeJet 3830 printer

HP OfficeJet 3830 is an All-in-One InkJet Printer with Scanning and Copying Functions.  An inexpensive printer device www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 that has automatic document feeder and built-in faxing feature. With the Automatic document feeder, you can easily scan and copy multi-page documents at once. This user-friendly device has 2.2-inch display with touchscreen control and simple connectivity options like USB and Wireless connection. Then, Built-in Faxing feature enables you to store the incoming the faxes if you run out paper. HP designed this device with responsive touch-screen and basic printer controls.  www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 delivers thick text output and color graphics with dense and better saturation.  Considering the speed, it has 8.5 ppm speed rate for monochrome printing and 6ppm rate for color pages.  To summarize, HP OfficeJet 3830 is an all-in-one budget-friendly printer device that offers many features with various connection options.





HP OfficeJet 3830 - UnBoxing Process

  • First, open the printer package and get the basic accessories like the start here guide, software installation CD, ink cartridges and power cord.
  • After that, pull the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 device out of the printer package using the plastic cover handle. Remove the Styrofoam end caps and place your device on a clear and clean space.
  • Get your device out of the plastic cover and peel-off the blue tape materials. Then, Turn around your www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer device and lift the paper feed tray.
  • Open the printer’s front panel and then pull out the package materials. Lift the Scanner lid and check for packing materials. Check the automatic document feeder and take out the packing materials.

HP OfficeJet 3830 Setup Process- www.hp.com/support/officejet3830

  • First, connect the one end of the power cord to the printer device and the other end to the power source. Then, turn ON your device using the power button.
  • Use the Touch-Screen controls and set the basic preferences like language, Country/Region and Time & Date.
  • Finally tap Confirm to save the basic settings. After that, the device prompts you to install the ink cartridges.
  • Pull out the input tray and install the ink cartridges on the allotted slots. Load paper into the input tray and then confirm the paper size and type on the printer’s control panel.
  • Click www.hp.com/support/setup 3830 and simplify the cartridge replacement process. Pull out the output tray, a little flap on the output tray prevents it falling on the ground. Following that, lift the scanner lid and place the printed aligned page on the scanner bed.
  • Then, tap OK to start the scanning process. After the scanning, the device displays the Alignment successful message on the control panel.

HP OfficeJet 3830- Driver Installation

  • The Printer Driver Installation takes 3 steps Identify, download and then Install. First, the Identify step prompts you to input the printer’s model number.
  • Input the Printer’s model number in the “ Enter Your Serial Number” field and then click Submit. Then, the download tab displays the latest printer driver for your www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 device.
  • It automatically detects and lists you the driver software based on the Operating System Version. Use the Change Option to choose the preferred operating system.
  • You can find the Driver Basic Details and other driver information under the Details tab. Click OK to get the Printer Driver Software. For more Driver related information, Visit www.hp.com/support/setup 3830.
  • After downloading the setup.exe, run it on your device. Choose Yes in the User Account Control Window and use the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation. Visit www.hp.com/support/setup 3830 to get regular driver updates.

HP OfficeJet 3830 - Wireless Network Connection Using Router

  • To establish the wireless network connection, you need to meet the following requirements. First, you need a 802.11 b/g/n wireless network with wireless router or access point.
  • It should be noted that this www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer is compatible with 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Meanwhile, make sure that the device is connected to the same wireless network as your printer device.
  • Finally, you need the Network name (SSID) and then wireless network password ( WEP key or WPA security phrase) to establish the connection.
  • If you are using Windows, Press the wireless icon on your printer’s control panel and then tap settings.
  • After that, tap Wireless Setup Wizard or WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to establish the wireless connection.
  • Use the On-Screen instructions to establish the wireless network connection.
  • In addition to that, you can add a new printer device with the Connect a New Printer Option. Open the Printer Software and then click Printer Setup and Software.
  • You can find Connect a New Printer option under the Setup and Software tab. Use the On-screen instructions to connect a new printer device.
  • For Mac OS, Open the System preferences and then click print and Fax under the Hardware Section. The Print and Fax might differ based on the operating system.
  • Click the (+) symbol to get the list of printer devices and then pick the preferred www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer device from the list. 

Wireless Network Connection – www.hp.com/support/setup 3830 WiFi Direct

  • WiFi Direct lets you to print without connecting your device to the same wireless network. It allows you to achieve wireless printing from your smart devices.
  • To activate the WiFi Direct, touch WiFi Direct on the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer’s control panel. Use the WiFi Direct Details menu to get the WiFi Direct name and password.
  • To print using WiFi Direct, you need updated version of HP Print Service Plugin on your device. Then, make sure that you have Turned ON WiFi Direct on your printer and mobile device.
  • Open the Printer-related application and then choose the document or image that you want to print. It displays you list of available printer devices.
  • Select the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 Printer device that has DIRECT in his WiFi Direct name. Additionally, the unique ** characters help you to identify the printer device.
  • Use the on-screen instructions to complete the wireless network connection process.

Directions to use WiFi Direct- www.hp.com/support/officejet3830

  • To use this WiFi Direct feature you need to install the WiFi Direct related app or software on your device.
  • If you are using computer, install latest version of HP Printer software and connect it with WiFi Direct. If prompted, choose wireless as the connection type.
  • On the Other hand, you need compatible printing app on your mobile device to use WiFi Direct. Then, turn ON WiFi Direct on your printer device.
  • You can use up to five devices under the same WiFi Direct Connection. Meanwhile, HP WiFi Direct supports both USB and Wireless network connection. 

Troubleshooting Instructions

Printer is Offline – www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 

HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • HP Print and Scan Doctor helps you to identify and resolve connection related issues. First, download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor.exe file in your device.
  • Then, open HP Print and Scan Doctor software and then click start. Choose the preferred printer device and click yes for the printer driver updates.
  • If prompted, set your printer device as default device and try to print. If the issue is still not resolved continue to the next step.

Check the Default Printer Device

  • Make sure that you are using the default printer device for the printing process. Here, we gave instructions to manually change the default printer device.
  • First, search for devices in the windows search and then choose printers and scanners from the listed results.
  • Uncheck the “ Lets Windows manage my default printer” check box and then pick the printer device that matches with your printer name.
  • If you find multiple printer devices with the same name then select the printer device that is at idle or online status.
  • After that, click Set as Default under the Manage your device tab. Now, try to print if the issue is still not resolved get the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 manufacturer’s support.

Cartridge Problem- www.hp.com/support/setup 3830

Replace the ink cartridges 

  • HP recommends you to genuine HP ink cartridges to get quality output. Get the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 manufacturer’s support to check the ink cartridges compatibility.
  • First, turn ON your www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer device and then close the output tray extender. Push back the output tray and then open the exterior door.
  • Then, open the ink access door and wait until the carriage gets idle and silent. Press and pull down to release the ink cartridges from its slot.
  • Gently remove the protective tape over the ink cartridges and carefully place it on the allotted slot.
  • Put some pressure to place it properly.  After that, close the ink access door and the exterior output tray. Try to print, if the error is still not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.

Restart your printer device

  • Sometimes, restarting your printer device might resolve the ink cartridges error. Disconnect the power cord from the www.hp.com/support/officejet3830 printer device.
  • Wait for a while, reconnect the power cord and then turn ON your printer device. Reconnect the power cord and then turn on your device using the power button.

Ink Cartridges Alignment 

  • Use the alignment page to align the ink cartridges and achieve high quality output. First, open the scanner lid and place the aligned page on the scanner glass.
  • The engraved guide helps you with the alignment process. Close the scanner lid and then tap OK to start the scanning process.
  • Try to scan, if the issue is still not resolved continue the troubleshooting process.