Installing HP printer software

Printer software go through a lot of updates. Though your printer comes with a software CD, the recent updates might not be reflected in it. So it is always better to download the printer software from or to make sure you have the latest software while Installing HP Printer software.

Choose the apt software keeping both your printer model and operating system in mind.

Your printer should be connected to the same network as your computer.

  • After downloading the software, double click on it.
  • Follow the instructions onscreen.
  • At one stage, you will be prompted for Connection Type.
  • Select any of the following options: “ Through the Network”, “Network” or “Wireless”  depending on the version of the software you are installing.
  • The software might automatically find he wireless settings for you in some cases.
  • Follow the instructions to finish Installing HP Printer software.

If the printer is already connected to your network and now doing the installation, the software will automatically discover the printer. That is, if the computer in which you are Installing HP Printer software, and the printer must be in the same network.

In some case, the software will not be able to detect the printer over the network. If this is the case, you can do an advance search . This can be done using the assigned IP address of the printer.

To find IP address of the printer:

  • Print wireless network test report. (OR)
  • Print a Network Configuration page (OR)
  • For printers with display, when your touch the wireless Icon or button, the IP address will be shown on the display.

First time installation of a printer without display using USB setup

Download and Installing HP Printer software from or

If you are using a printer without display  and you are using the USB setup   of the  wireless method, then the software will not find the printer in the network. As a result, you have to create a wireless connection for the printer. You will connect a USB cable between your printer and the computer temporarily.          The software will guide you when to connect the USB cable. Until then, do not connect the cable.

The computer in which printer software is installed should be in the same network as the printer is connected to.