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123 HP Officejet 4635

HP Officejet 4635 is a light duty all-in-one multifunction printer (MFP) with office oriented features. Then, It has some beneficial features like Automatic duplexer and automatic document feeder. While,HP Officejet 4635 could be connected either wirelessly or through Wi-Fi Direct. Fax facility is also available. In addition to that, this printer model supports latest technologies such as cloud print,Airprint and ePrint. On the Other Hand, The photo printing is extremely fast and high quality. Then, visit HP Official Website 123.hp.com/setup 4635 or 123.hp.com/oj4635 and Get Latest Version of HP printer driver .

123 HP Officejet 4635 Printer wireless setup

123 HP Printers are now available with Wireless setup. The advantage of Printer setup is that you can now connect your printer setup to a wireless network.  Then, Wireless Network Connection lets you to access your printer device from anywhere at anytime. 

How to connect your printer to a wireless network?

  • To connect your printer setup to a wireless network,
  • Firstly, You need a.11 b/g/n network router and connect your printer to the same wireless network as router .
  • After that, you can easily print a document using your network.
Officejet 4635 Wireless Setup

123 HP Officejet 4635 Printer setup - 123.hp.com/oj4635

We are ready to provide you printer support and troubleshoot your printer device. At the same time, we are ready to fix your printer’s ink cartridges. After that, You can easily print documents and scan them to your computer device. We are ready to provide you guidance on your printer setup so that you can easily perform all the printer related actions.

123 HP Officejet 4635 ePrint service

HP ePrint is One of the HP’s best services as it is reliable and in trend.Most importantly, You can easily Print your documents using your printer setup from any part of the country. But, HP ePrint Service requires an active internet connection.

HP Officejet 4635 Wi-Fi setup

In Short, HP Wi-Fi Setup is an user-friendly feature and you can print your documents irrespective of the location.  Mostly, the latest HP printer models supports the Wi-Fi setup feature. In brief, you just need to turn ON the Wi-Fi setup and send the printing request directly to your printer.

123 HP Officejet 4635 AirPrint

Airprint option is one of the best features from 123 HP Printers. This is to say, that you can easily install the HP Airprint on the apple devices and simplify the printing process.   In brief, HP Airprint helps you to easily connect with your MAC devices and handle the  sharing and printing process. 

Unboxing 123 HP Officejet 4635 Printer

The first and foremost thing to install a printer setup, you need to install the printer setup. On installation of printer setup, you can now start to access your printer setup. Perform functions like print, copy & scan, Fax and so on. Once you install your printer setup, you must install your driver setup for easy access.

  • In order to install your printer setup,
  • Drag your printer from the packing.
  • Install the setup in a place of access.
  • Plug the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • Power up your printer, and get started.

Windows 10 upgrade

You can now install your printer driver to your updated Windows as it involves very simple and direct driver installation process. In short, just download the driver setup for your windows 10 computer and install it to use your printer device. 

How Download and install Windows 10 printer driver?
  • At First, visit 123.hp.com/setup 4635 or 123.hp.com/oj4635 .
  • After that, Download the printer setup file.
  • Now, Run and install the setup.exe file to start access with your printer.

Your printer setup is now ready in a mode of access. You can now print documents and perform all other functions. The Printer setup function can also perform other actions like the web sharing, ePrint function, connecting with a wireless network and so on.

This can help you perform all functions in an instance. The best method to perform all the functions together is to connect the printer setup to a wireless network. Then, wireless network connections can help you to perform actions like web sharing.

You can also print documents on the way. It is easy to perform all functions when connected to a wireless network connection. At the same time, you can also use the ePrint service. The ePrint service is nothing but sharing of print documents using an email service.

Activate ePrint service

Steps to activate ePrint service:

  • First, Select the Utility tab on your printer control screen.
  • On the Utility tab, you can find a paragraph with printer related information.
  • Then, Locate the printer’s email address and directly send the printing request.
  • Use the email address to share the print job.

Make use of the service and other web service options to share and access your printer setup. You can perform all print techniques using your printer setup. 123 HP Officejet Printer setup helps you to perform all these functions at the same time.

Getting connected to a Fax

Are you looking out for a source that can connect you with your neighbour and share your documents and images? HP Officejet Printer provide you the ease of sharing. Now, connect your printer to a local telephone connection and share your documents and images through Fax setup.

Yes, HP Printers are now introduced along with Fax setup in order to develop customer satisfaction. Once you get connected to a local network, you can share up to 10 recipients at a time. All you need to do is install the printer setup to your personal device and enhance the spirit of sharing documents.

Now Look How to Connect Your Printer Fax:

To connect your printer to a local landline you need to do the following. First of all download  HP’s driver software from 123.hp.com/oj4635 to your computer. Once you have installed it, then connect your printer and your computer.

On the other end connect the printer to the local landline using the port cable. Now the setup is ready to take access. You can now share your files and images through your fax setup.

123 HP Officejet 4635 Web Based Services

The web services are one among the essentials that are featured in HP Printer. You can engage these services for your beneficial activities. Then, Some of the web-based services that are rendered through HP Printer are ePrint Service and HP Printable.

ePrint is a service that works just as the email service. One can avail this service just by knowing the printer’s email address. To know your printer’s mail address all you have to do is use the utility tab on your printer control panel, you could find a passage in which you will find the printer’s email address.

 At First, connect your printer through ePrint service so that you can easily share the document or images.
Now, send an email directly to your printer device and the device starts the job after receiving the request.

These services allow you to print all documents along with pre-formatted web content. Once you’re connected to the web services, HP can help you with connecting to web documents.
Not only your documents, you can also print your online images and view them as you expected. It is guaranteed that there will be no loss of pixels while printing your online images.

 In order to make use of web services using EWS.
 Enter the Embedded Web Server tab.
 Hit on web services tab.
 Choose web services settings and click Setup Continue.
 Follow the on-screen instructions.
 Choose the exact conditions and perform the setup.
 Finally, when your printer is connected to the server the printer prints an information page.

How to Install HP Officejet 4635 Printer Driver Software?

Get started with your printer setup and perform all printer actions. You need to install your printer driver setup to your personal device. You can now print all documents on the go. It is that easy to fix your printer setup and get started.

Steps to install printer driver setup:

  • Use your printer driver disc, to install your printer.
  • Insert the driver disc to your computer drive.
  • If you do not have a CD, download the printer driver from 123.hp.com/oj4635
  • Run the driver setup to your personal computer.
  • Install the setup on your PC.
  • Connect your printer to your computer through USB.
  • Print a test page and get started with your setup.