PIN method

If your wi-fi router or WLAN access point supports  wi-fi  protected setup (WPS), this is the simplest way to setup your printer on a wireless network. The PIN  stands for Personal Identification Number Method and is one of the connection methods.  By inputting a PIN which is created by your machine to the Registrar ( a device that manages the wireless LAN – mostly router) , you can setup the WLAN network and security settings.

pin method

Press Setup-> Network-> WLAN-> WPS with PIN Code

When prompted for Enable WLAN?  Choose Yes to accept.

This will start the wireless setup wizard.

To cancel, choose No.

The LCD display will show an 8 digit PIN and the computer will start searching for an access point (router). Note the 8 digit PIN.

Using a computer on the network, type Http://router’s  IP address  into your browser.

Go to WPS access page.  Now input the 8 digit PIN which you have noted down from the LCD display to the router and follow the onscreen instructions.

If your wireless device is connected   successfully, the display shows Connected.

If the connection failed, the LDC shows an error code.