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HP Envy 7100

HP Envy 7100 is a e-All-in-One Printer device with composed design. It delivers amazing printing output and has two separate ink cartridges. An ideal device for home office users, Instant Ink Subscription service makes the cartridges replacement process simple. www.hp.com/support/envy7100 has 67mm touch screen and some control buttons. Meanwhile, it has a separate socket under the control panel to insert the SD card. On the Other hand, its accessibility features help people with disabilities.  The Manage power feature helps you to conserve the power. To summarize, HP Envy 7100 is a small All-in-One Printer device that caters many services and features.


Unboxing HP Envy 7100

  • First, Open the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer package and you can find set of ink cartridge, power cord, software installation CD and set of HP advanced photo paper with caution sheet.
  • Set aside those packing materials and continue the process. Get the recycling procedure from the www.hp.com/support/setup 7100 HP manufacturer.
  • After that, use the plastic cover and gently pull out the printer device from the package. Remove the Styrofoam end caps.
  • Now, slide out the printer device from the plastic cover and gently peel off the tape and other packing materials.
  • Open the scanner lid, take out the Styrofoam sheet and close the scanner lid. Now, Slide out the paper tray and remove the tape over the photo tray.
  • Gently peel off the protective tape over the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 control panel. 

HP Envy 7100 - www.hp.com/support/setup 7100 Setup Process

  • At first, take out the power cord and connect one end to the printer device and the other end to the power source.
  • Now, Turn ON your printer device with the power button. After that, the device asks you to set the basic preferences like language, time zone and country.
  • In the end, click OK to confirm the settings. The Printer device asks you to install the ink cartridges, open the access door and place them in their slots.
  • Immediately, the device asks you to load sheets. Slide out the input tray and place a stack of unused A4 sheets.
  • Use the built-in Paper width guide for the alignment process. During this process, the device asks you to confirm the paper type.
  • The www.hp.com/support/envy7100 device prints out an alignment page, lift the scanner lid and place this aligned page in the scanner bed.
  • This printing and scanning process help you to determine the printer’s quality. Finally, the device displays “Alignment Successful” or “Alignment Failed” message.
  • Get support from www.hp.com/support/setup 7100 HP to solve the issue.

Printer Driver Installation Using CD

A unique piece of software that acts as an interface between your www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer and the device. Before starting the printing process, you need to install the printer driver and connect it with your printer.

  • Use the software installation CD that came with the printer device. Load them into the drive. Immediately, the device automatically runs the setup.exe file.
  • If not, you can manually open and run the setup file. Following that, click Yes in the User Account Control Window.
  • The Installer window displays two options “ Go Online” and “ No thanks, I want to set up using the CD”.
  • Here, we are using the CD and we should click “ No thanks, I want to set up using the CD” option. Get regular updates from www.hp.com/support/envy7100.
  • After that, the installer initiates the driver installation process. In general, the driver installation process takes 3 steps.
  • First, the prepare step involves basic printer setup process. Second, the connect step lists you the software that are going to be installed.
  • Here, you can use the “Customize Software Selection” option and choose the preferred software.
  • Then, it asks you to choose the printer connection type. Finally, the last activate step helps you to choose the printer’s primary usage and the postal code.

Wireless Setup

  • Following the setup process, touch manual setup and then tap Network. Now, the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer device scans for wireless networks within the range.
  • After that, choose your preferred network from the list of available networks. On the other hand, refresh option helps you to find other networks.
  • Eventually, the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 device asks you to enter the wireless credentials. Use the Control panel’s keyboard and input the information.
  • Tap Done and the device asks to confirm the wireless connection information. Now, Tap OK to confirm the process.
  • In the End, the printer device uses the wireless connection information and connect to the wireless network. After that, the device displays connection successful message with network related information.

Guidelines to Load Paper

Small-Size Paper

  • First, Open the input tray and pull out the paper tray. Now, load a stack of paper into the paper tray with the print side down.
  • Use the paper width guide to adjust the paper alignment. Slide in the paper input tray and gently pull out the output tray.
  • You can manually change the paper settings on the printer display. For more instructions, visit www.hp.com/support/envy7100.

Photo Paper

  • To load a photo paper, open the paper tray door and slide out the tray output. First, take out the paper from the input tray.
  • Then, place the photo paper with print side down in the input tray. Use the paper-width guide to align the photo paper.
  • After making the basic setup, slide in the paper tray and set the basic paper settings using the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer display.


  • To load envelopes, slide out the paper tray and take out the previously loaded media.
  • Now, slide in a stack of envelope and the print side should face down. Use the paper width guide to adjust the alignment.
  • Finally, choose the paper size on the printer display and start the printing process.

Printer Update- www.hp.com/support/envy7100

In general, Web-service enabled printer device automatically search for regular updates. Furthermore, this update process requires an active network connection. We can carry out the update process in three different manners.

Manual Update

  • First, Turn ON your printer device and tap the settings ( gear-like) icon. Now, touch the setup icon and then Tap tools.
  • To finish the process, choose the update the printer option and then tap the check now.
  • Now, the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 device starts to search for latest printer update and complete the whole driver update process.

Automated Update

  • To start with, Turn ON your printer device and then choose the settings icon. After that, tap settings icon and then tools.
  • Then, choose printer update options under the “ Update the Printer” menu. Finally, use the Install Automatically or Alert When Available option and automate your www.hp.com/support/envy7100 device for regular updates.

Embedded Web server

  • First, open the EWS software and then click tools tab.
  • Now, click Firmware updates under the printer updates. Use the On-screen instructions to complete the www.hp.com/support/setup 7100 driver installation process.

HP Smart App - www.hp.com/support/setup 7100

HP smart app enables android users to print, scan and share without the printer driver. You can easily print from the social media and cloud storage. HP Smart app paves an easy way to print directly from the google drive. Visit www.hp.com/support/envy7100 to get more information

Set Up

  • First, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same wireless network as your printer.
  • Now, install HP Smart App in your mobile and open the app. Tap start and begin the printing process.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Touch continue to use the HP Smart App from your mobile device.
  • Your www.hp.com/support/envy7100 device tries to get connected to the printer that uses the same wireless network as your device.

Print Using HP Smart App

  • To Print, open the HP Smart App in your device and then Tap print documents or print photos.
  • Browse and choose the file that you want to print. Then, Use the guided instructions to link with the cloud print and social media account.
  • Before hitting print, get a preview of the document or photo and confirm the process.

Scan Using HP Smart App

  • Choose the document or photo that you want to scan, open the HP smart app.
  • Now, you have to choose your mobile device and the scan type. Use the preview option to make the required changes.
  • Then, you can add additional pages with the additional page icon. Finally, hit send to complete the scanning process.
  • You can send, save, print and share the scanned photo or document.

Duplex Printing


  • First, load a stack of paper into the input tray. Now, open the document or photo that you want to print and hit the print button.
  • Here, you have to select the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer device and then choose the properties dialog box.
  • On the Printing Shortcut tab, choose the preferred booklet style from the print on both sides drop-down list.
  • Finally, choose OK to confirm the www.hp.com/support/envy7100 printer settings and then hit print.


  • First, choose the document or image that you want to print. Now, choose print under the file menu.
  • After that, choose layout in the print dialog window. Choose the binding type and then hit print. Visit www.hp.com/support/envy7100 and get additional support for duplex printing


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